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  • Music Supervision and Talent Coordination

  • Music Licensing, Negotiation and Administration

  • Music Business Consultation

  • Custom Music Creation

  • Music Business Panels/Workshops/Conferences

Music Supervision and Talent Coordination

Music 4 Scenes is a one stop shop for finding and clearing quality music for scenes. We work with artist managers, music creators, labels and publishers big and small to the get the right music and secure the rights on time and on budget. We work on all projects, both live and on screens, to ensure the sound matches your vision. We will administer music assets, composers, musicians and artists for the production, manage music meetings with your producing team, work with editors to match the music to every scene and do cue sheets upon completion of the project.

Music Licensing, Negotiation and Administration

If you already know the music and sound you want for your project, event or video, we can execute your musical vision by securing the rights, talent and editors you need and get the contracts signed. Let Music 4 Scenes take care of the paperwork and administration of music for your project. We provide all music clearance services including rights verification, fee negotiation, quote requests, and contract execution.

Music Business Consultation

Some artists break overnight, while others' progress happens gradually. From finding the right producer to write with to creating a marketing plan for your release, Music 4 Scenes can turn an artist's dream into actionable goals. We’ll make sure the minute details are taken care of by creating a system for success, so you can fully monetize your music as you move through your music career. With the help of Music 4 Scenes, you can keep your business straight and keep your creativity flowing. When that big deal comes knocking, we can assist you through the process by setting up meetings to help you build a team for ongoing career support. We will also help you streamline your music catalog so you can be ready when opportunity knocks and earn the money and exposure your music deserves.

Career Coaching

With over 20 years of music business experience including working on both the creative and business sides of the industry, Music 4 Scenes offers one-on-one consulting to inform your career plans for the music industry. Book a consultation tailored to your needs by clicking below.

Custom Music Creation

If you need to commission a theme song, end credits or anything in between we have you covered. We have connections to Grammy-winning artists and independent songwriters and producers as well. From composers, to songwriters, lyricists to producers, ask us and we can deliver custom music within budget in a timely manner.

Events, Panels, Workshops and Conferences

Given the scope of our network and our years of expertise with major media companies, we can provide music for your events. Whether you need a DJ for a conference, a band for a wedding, or a music-related panel for your event, we have the music for the scene. We provide music-savvy speakers and musical talent to enhance conferences, panels and workshops. We have spoken at universities around the country about all aspects of the music business and have kept the crowd partying into the night with our live bands, singers and musical talent. Be it improv, a scripted show, or an open mic tailored to a theme, we got your event covered.