Ella and Louis Return with Sam Trump and Music Carolyn

Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong sang iconic jazz songs on their duet album Ella and Louis. Relive them with Sam Trump and Music Carolyn!

Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong sang iconic jazz songs on their duet album Ella and Louis. Relive them with Sam Trump and Music Carolyn!


We are seeking support for the creation of a public performance to exhibit the iconic jazz standards sung by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong on their three Verve releases ‘Ella and Louis.’ Singers Music Carolyn and Sam Trump will sing and play updated and modernized versions of jazz standards, “Can’t We Be Friends?,” Isn’t This a Lovely Day?“, “Moonlight in Vermont,””They Can’t Take That Away from Me,””Under a Blanket of Blue,””Tenderly,“”A Foggy Day,””Stars Fell on Alabama,””Cheek to Cheek,” “The Nearness of You,” and“April in Paris” for new audiences along with a remake of A Foggy Day, that reimagines Chicago as the setting for lovers.

We would like two days for live performances for adults and the opportunity to present at least one day-time performance as a workshop to young singers and musicians through your education arts programming. The live performance will be backed by a small orchestra featuring brass and wind instruments. Live video footage will also be taken at the live performance set.

Why Now?

The idea for this project was spawned by a recent article that spoke of the impact of these two iconic singers releasing an album. Arranger Buddy Bragman died in January of 2017, and all other performers on the record have passed. Also, Ella Fitzgerald would have been 100 in 2017. Again, another sign that it’s time for a new take on her as a live performer, and recording artist. Both Sam and Carolyn recognized that Ella and Louis didn’t perform the music live, despite the albums selling in the millions and their work remaining the quintessential recordings of classic jazz songs. The pair wishes to share the music live, as the songs are rich in emotion, musicality, and vocal prowess. Sam having recently worked with Aura Sounds to perform Nat King Cole’s songbook with a 20-piece woodwind ensemble at the same venue spurred more interest to recreate iconic albums that new audiences don’t often get to experience live, with a bent toward jazz artists.

The live performance will also feature on-screen interviews and information about Ella and Louis that new and old audiences may have never seen or heard about their music, their lives, and the times surrounding the release of the album. In addition, a live visual artist will be present to create another element of artistic expression interweaving old songs with a new audience.

About the Artists

Sam Trump lives in Chicago and is a full-time singer and trumpeter who performs as a solo act, and also as a member of Hip-Hop Jazz group Sidewalk Chalk among other bands. Carolyn makes her living as a music supervisor for film and television in Los Angeles, but is also a sought-after soloist and session singer specializing in R&B, jazz and gospel.

Project Media

Music Carolyn A Night in Tunisia
Features: Music 4 Scenes Carolyn Richardson
Music Carolyn sings A Night in Tunisia, an iconic Ella Fitzgerald song. This is her arrangement of the song and a sampling of how she can alter the jazz music to fit new audiences and keep the music feeling “new” despite being old standards. To see additional performances of Music Carolyn visit: https://www.youtube.com/musiccarolyn


Sam Trump Performs Nat King Cole with Woodwind Ensemble
Features: Sam Trump Harris
Here Sam Trump performs with a 20-piece woodwind ensemble as a singer and trumpeter. This set-up is what the live performance in Chicago will resemble. The richness and depth of the songs take on new meaning with the additional instrumentation and help re-introduce iconic recordings in new ways, much the way we’d like to with Ella and Louis songs.


Our Love is Here to Stay
Features: Music 4 Scenes Carolyn Richardson
This is a preview of one of the songs we will feature. This song is an update on the music of the jazz standard made famous by Ella Fitzgerald. Here it is without the live instrumentation that will be on the recording and in the live performance. It also doesn’t feature Sam Trump who will be on each song on the recording playing his trumpet, and with backing band that will feature live drums, piano, guitar, and upright bass, among string players and wind instruments such as flute, violin, and cello.